Google AdWords / Google Pay per Click Overview

Google AdWords, or more commonly known as Google PPC (Pay per click) is another form of online marketing strategy that helps place websites in Google Page 1. Google AdWords works on a bidding system, where the highest bidder on the Google PPC System ranks highest. Simple truly believes a well-planned Google AdWords campaign increase brand image and business leads all over the internet. There are millions of daily searchers around the world seeking for solutions to their problems on Google, and you could very possibly be their solutions, only if you are well exposed. Google Pay per Click marketing allows your ads to appear whenever a search query is matched. In other words, an extremely targeted online marketing campaign. This may look easy but trust us, it's not. The last thing we want clients to do is bid excessively for the sake of gaining exposure, for unnecessary click through.

Simple has a team of Google AdWordsqualified professionals, and the company itself is an official Google Partner. In short, we know the ins and outs of the AdWords game, and we promise to optimize your campaign to the fullest. And this is exactly why our campaigns achieve better rankings with lower biddings. After all we are here for the ROI.

Why Google AdWords?

You Can Have Immediate Visibility

Very frequently clients need immediate visibility on the internet, Google AdWords is here to help. It takes no more than 3 days from pre planning to the campaign commencement. With Google AdWords you can have your first guests in a couple of hours. If you're not into the patience SEO game, Google PPC will be a perfect fit for you. The approach can simply be a competitive edge, when you are always a step ahead of your competitors, and better. However, we make sure that your ads are pushed to very specific target audience, who are most likely searching for your kind of products, or services offered in your website. You don't purchase magical keywords like "furniture", "acrylic" or "shirts" and expect potential traffic. As much as we love to edge out competitions, we ultimately make sure your business receives quality enquiries, again all in just a couple of days.

You Have Complete Control over Your Budget

Google allows you to have total control over your AdWords campaign. You can spend as little as a few Ringgit per day to as much as your budget would allow. On top of that, you can determine the volume of keywords to put into the campaign, and we determine the best bidding strategy for you. We make sure your allocated budget is stretched to properly cover your advertising period. Simple makes reviews on your AdWords campaign regularly using exclusive tools, to maximize you advertising costs. All in all, we can work with any reasonable amount of budget, to help improve your exposure on the internet.

You Don't Have to Work Hard to Improve Your Website

Your website do not have to match Apple's website. Google accepts all form of websites, as long as the contents does not violate Google's policies. Many businesses think it's a relief for not having to improve their website contents, simply pay Google and get ranked.

You Get Complete Measurable Data and Analysis

We make sure that you know exactly how your campaign is performing. Every penny cent is backed up by figures, data and charts to clearly depict the results you harvested from Google AdWords campaign. Unlike any other advertising platforms, we can measure exactly when and where you are making sales leads from your Google AdWords investments. Take away non performing keywords, look into the latest search trends and improve your ads anytime, to constantly improve your campaign and get better conversions.We know exactly what to do to maximize your budget.